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Sarnia Hotels gift vouchers.
Hotel gift vouchers.

Gift Vouchers

Sarnia Hotels offer a variety of gift vouchers for use at: Moores Hotel, Les Rocquettes Hotel and Hotel de Havelet in Guernsey so you will always make the special someone receiving your gift smile.

Pamper somebody special with a short break, treat them to fine cuisine or surprise them with a gift of Champagne, flowers, fruit or handmade chocolates in their hotel room on arrival.

If you want to make absolutely sure you will please the recipient choose our monetary gift vouchers which can be redeemed in all Sarnia hotels, restaurants and bars.

Sarnia Hotels Guernsey Gift vouchers are available for any amount in pounds sterling from all hotel receptions. For postal deliveries simply contact us here  »

Hotel gift voucher.

Monetary Gift Voucher

Can't decide?

How about a voucher which can be redeemed in any of our hotels, restaurants or bars.


Chilled Champagne in the room

A bottle of chilled Champagne in the room upon arrival.

Please advise if you require a message card.

Guernsey Chocolates.

Guernsey Chocolates in the Room

An assortment box of 12 handmade chocolates by local master chocolatier Ben Le Prevost.

Fruit bowl.

Bowl of Fresh Fruit in the room

A selection or ripe fruits placed in the room on arrival.

Fresh flowers in the room.

Fresh Flowers in the Room

A bouquet of seasonal blooms placed in the room on arrival.

Please advise if you require a message card.